Marmitte Mach3

Mach 3: Mufflers for cars and sport manifolds

Mach3 specializes in Design and realization of sporty manifolds, high performance catalizers, Car Tuning and exhausts for cars. Mach3 offers best of the sport

For thirty-five years we have carefully crafted to make sport exhaust systems, adapting aggressive forms to more advanced aerodynamic solutions. Increase in performance, aesthetics and durability of the product are our guiding criteria. We have the flexibility and expertise to design drainage systems that enhance performance, integrating perfectly with the most sophisticated design. We can design and build complete systems (including manifolds and catalysts), also for small series, and we provide a personalized service appreciated even for classic cars and collectibles. Modern technology (cutters and CNC pipe bending, welding TIG and MIG), has the necessary support to a team of about 15 people, all young and highly motivated.

Via dell'Artigianato n 4 - Z.A.I. Roppi - 46033 Castel d'Ario MANTOVA (MN) Italy
Phone +39 0376 661551
VAT 01871590202

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